Guest Information Form



Please print and complete the information on the form below. Mail it in with the registration form and we will enter the online registration information for you.        


Mail to:

PR Augusta, LLC

709 Woodgate Ct.

Augusta, GA 30909





 Passenger  information Form:


Prior to boarding a ship, each passenger must have filled out and submitted this information due to increased security measures. Please fill out this information for each passenger booked and mail with registration form.


Information Needed

Passenger 1

Passenger 2

Title (Mr. Mrs. Dr.)






First Name on Passport



Middle Name



Last Name






Marital Status



Date of Month born



Month born



Year born



Country of birth



Country of Citizenship



Passport Information



Passport Number



Where issued



Date passport expires



State Born



State of Drivers License



Personal Information



Home address



City or Town












Daytime Phone



Cell Phone



Contact fax #



E-mail address



Emergency    Contact






First Name



Last Name



Daytime phone #



E-mail address



Relationship to you



Cruise History



Is this your 1st cruise?

Yes          No

Yes         No

If no, how many times have you cruised?



Have you cruised with RCCL before?

Yes           No

Yes          No

If yes, how many times?



Crown and Anchor Society Membership #